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Yourspace Studios are Music Rehearsal Studios and a Recording Studio built and run by musicians currently active in the Melbourne music scene.

Our inspiration to create Yourspace Studios came out of frustration from always being put on some bullshit standby list when looking for rehearsal studios. Now we have a rehearsal room any time we like and so can you.

When we built this rehearsal studio we wanted the rehearsal rooms to sound big, live and tight. We wanted Yourspace Studios to be easy to get to and have a friendly atmosphere. There is always someone on site to help you with a PA setting or fix your lead, replace a string etc. We have (good) hire equipment i.e. Fender, Epiphone, Hohner, Sound City, Hartke, Sans Amp (Tech 21), Marshall & Mapex.

Another important design factor when building these rehearsal studios was they had to have good loud PA’s. It would shit me off when I had to pay for a shit PA. We run 1200 watt rms CROWN power amps with Mackie desks, 15 inch with horn boxes hung from the ceiling with 15inch + horn fold back wedges in every rehearsal room. We only provide Shure microphones, because we’re musicians, ok!

There’s plenty of parking, some under cover and indoor with a dry load in/load out area.

All bands that rehearse or record at Yourspace Studios become part of the Yourspace community and if they have media, we’ll gladly promote it. Send us your link and we’ll post it on our Facebook page, bring in a poster or put your CD on our counter. We have loads of great talent here in Melbourne and we’re here to help our industry continue to grow & develop.